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I am always being asked at business meetings by other entrepreneur’s as to why I named my business “Dimension Eighty Eight?”

When entering any marketplace, the business name you choose can have a long lasting effect on potential clients of your business and the services the business offers. I wanted “Dimension Eighty Eight” to be a company that would enable its clients to have a range of services covering Retail, HR and Training.

In the beginning I could have chosen to use my name and named the company Michael Coe HR and Training Ltd. I did think about this very carefully but then googled the name Michael Coe and it came up with so many Michael Coe’s, that I decided another name would be more appropriate for a new business.

As my business was going to offer a variety of services to its clients, I needed a business name that would cover not only the now but future growth and development. During my morning meditation session I began to visualise my new business and its spiritual essence. I began to visualise the word “Dimension” and then the number 88. Then putting them together the name “Dimension Eighty Eight” was born.

But what did it mean?

The word dimension:

I looked in the dictionary for the word “Dimension” which in short can be associated with measurement in terms of linear extension, flat surfaces and co-ordinates specifying the position of point. In physics the word “Dimension” can be an expression for a derived physical quantity such as mass, length, time, or raised to an appropriate power.

or in simple terms

An aspect or feature of a situation

The number 88:

Then I looked at the meaning behind the number 88. The number 88 has very positive meanings to it and my reason for using the number 88 is associated with the meaning in Chinese Culture. Although I am not Chinese I do have a great respect for their culture and spiritual awareness.

In Chinese culture the number 88 symbolises fortune and good luck. Since the 8 word is similar to the word Fa (implied wealth in Mandarin and Cantonese). The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest in Chinese culture and the more 8′s there are  in a price, number plate and so on will mean more luck and wealth to the owner.

The shape of the number 8 in Chinese means a person will have a great, wide future, as the character starts narrow and gets much wider toward the bottom.

Dimension Eighty Eight

The meaning behind the words ”Dimension Eighty Eight” as a business is to offer its clients new ways of looking at business situations from many different angles. By plotting new co – ordinates specifically to the position of point and using a raised appropriate power, clients can grow their businesses and people to out perform their competitors.

In terms of Chinese culture and good luck clients of “Dimension Eighty Eight” can work towards growing their businesses towards good fortune and a wide future.

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