Emergency HR Services : who do you turn to when you have urgent staff issues to resolve? Retail strategies for increasing turnover and profit without major new investment Dimension 88 : outsource your HR : free up time to focus on growing your business
Dimension88 : we focus on continuous improvement in HR for enterprise

Welcome to Dimension88 HR and Training

Dimension Eighty Eight HR and Training Limited was established in 2011 by Michael Coe Associate CIPD. Michael worked for many years in the retail industry, transforming under-performing businesses and teams into award winners. Dimension88 was established to offer HR and Training services to businesses and SMEs who want to grow and develop.

Need to outsource your HR?

People management can be complex and employment laws are ever changing. Let Dimension Eighty Eight manage your personnel function. Register for a free online consultation to ensure your business is legally compliant.

What is your competitive edge?

Training your employees can add a competitive advantage to your business. Dimension Eighty Eight offers a range of courses to help improve profitability.

Emergency HR

Do you have a crisis and need some help with employee disputes, workplace issues or management difficulties? Perhaps you just need to know where you stand or wish to use best practice to minimise losses and avoid the hassle and expense of potential litigation. Dimension88 can help. We take a pro-active approach, armed with the latest information and guidance to help you through a tricky situation.

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  1. admin says: -

    Not only was Michael’s training enjoyed by all members of staff but it had a long lasting positive effect on our turn-over.
    Billa MRCVS-Director

  2. admin says: -

    The HR support has been a god send and knowing advice is avaliable in an Emergency HR situation has taken a weight off our minds.
    Michael Coe from Dimension 88 has inspired and motivated all staff members with his hands on,entertaining and pertinent training sessions.
    Caroline- BvetMed MRCVS – Director

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