Recruitment and Selection

I need help with my recruitment and selection.

Although we are not a recruitment agency, Dimension 88 can help you with your recruitment and selection requirements. Getting recruitment and selection right first time is vital for your business to survive.

Many business organisations see recruitment and selection as just an endless interview procedure and application form filling in exercise for potential candidates.

Dimension 88 knows from experience that this is not the case. We know that finding the right candidate as an employer can be frustrating and involves a lengthy recruitment process.

We also know that as an employer, looking to recruit new employees, you can become inundated with application forms and CVs. Trying to manage this process can be complicated and reading through all the applications takes precious time out of your day.

How can Dimension 88 help my recruitment and selection process?

Dimension 88 can assist you by compiling applications and CVs into one place. Keeping records of who has applied for the vacancy. Offering a sifting service for applications and keeping you informed about the quality of the applicants.

Can you help me with Selection?

Yes, Dimension 88 can advise you about selection requirements and processes.

I need help with interviews – can I ask Dimension 88?

Dimension 88 can help you with interviews and guide you. It will be your decision as an employer who you take on.


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