Retail Troubleshooter

Do you have under performing retail stores within your business?
Under performing retail stores can undermine the overall brand image of your business. It does not matter how successful you are as a retailer, somewhere within the business there will be one or two retail stores which just do not perform.

Identifying these stores is easy. They are always complained about at board meetings, area meetings or from contractors who are supplying an outside service to your overall business proposition.

In terms of profitability these stores end up costing your business money because they constantly deliver low sales figures and do not offer return on investment. (ROI)

As Directors and Senior Managers based at head office, it is essential to bring these retail stores back under control and into profitability.

How can I bring my under performing stores back into profitability?
Dimension 88 has introduced the Retail Troubleshooter service which has been designed to work alongside company Directors and Senior management to implement the changes needed to put any retail store back on track.

Why do I need the Retail Troubleshooter service?
The Retail troubleshooter service combines retail experience, Human Resources expertise and in house training for the store team. The combination of all three is essential to turn the store back into profitability.

I could use my own head office team to turn the store around.
Unfortunately this does not work. From experience our Retail Troubleshooter knows that in some instances the head office team in place may not have the required business skills or knowledge to solve the stores under performance issues.

How much new investment will I need ?
The retail troubleshooter will use proven retail strategies to increase turnover and profitability without the need for major new investment.

What is the advantage of using the service?
By using the Retail Troubleshooter service the advantages after the introduction of the service should be increased store profitability, established procedures in place, reduced stock loss and damage, reduced theft, less complaints, increased customer satisfaction and happy productive employees.

Is the Retail Troubleshooter service tried and tested?
The Retail Troubleshooter service is brand new to our clients here at Dimension 88. However our Retail Troubleshooter Michael Coe has used his successful method over a period of 20 years and knows from experience that his methods work and are successful.

Michael Coe: How successful is he as a Retail Troubleshooter?
Throughout Michael’s Career in retail he has worked alongside company Directors and Senior managers to ensure under performing stores and teams are turned into profitable ones. Michael uses his CIPD qualification and training skills to build more productive teams who can deliver.

As a retail troubleshooter Michael has been successful in turning a £650,000 turnover store into a £1 million turnover store in one year. Michael is an accomplished salesperson and award winning trainer.

Turn your under performing stores around today by contacting us here at Dimension 88.