Amazon-astore Dimension Eighty Eight

Dimension 88 has teamed up with Amazon as an affiliate to bring clients and users of a new Amazon- astore. The astore looks and feels the same as any online store. Customers can shop with confidence for selected products related to HR and Training.

I have chosen a selection of books and products for Dimension Eighty Eight astore to assist Small Medium Enterprises who do not have on site HR or Training Professionals.

The Catagories include:

Human Resources

  • Appraisals and Evaluations
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Conflict Resoloution
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Interviewing and Recruitment
  • Professional Development


Digital Cameras

Mobile Phones and communications


I really hope you will like our Amazon astore and the products selected to assist you with your businesses HR and Training Requirements.

Visit our astore:

kind regards

Michael Coe