Policies and Procedures

Why do I need policies and procedures?

In a business with 5 or more employees it is good business practice to have in place policies and procedures that are above the legal minimum requirements and which relate to your own individual sector.

Introducing polices and procedures does not necessarily mean that your organisation had no previous provisions in place. Instead it reflects a desire to formalise arrangements in certain areas of people management and to develop them for the structure and culture of  your organisation.


Dimension 88 can advise and implement and in some cases design policies to reflect your business needs. The polices introduced can:

  • Comply with new or existing legislation
  • Develop more formal and consistent policies as your business grows
  • Support general management strategy
  • Deal with internal change
  • Keep up with competitors
  • Follow the latest developments in people management

By having written policies in place your business can ensure it has a fair and consistent approach and avoid time wasting by having crises dealt with in an ad hoc way.


Procedures are a normal part of everyday working life whether we recognise them or not. In most cases procedures in the work place have to be followed to ensure we operate legally.

As a Small Medium Enterprise Dimension 88 can advise you on the forms of procedures you need to have in place. You may need to have a set of procedures written for your specific business requirements to ensure your employees follow them correctly.

Policies and procedures are a key element to any businesses growth and development. Make sure you have policies and procedures in place. Contact Dimension 88 now.