Disciplinary and Grievance

Dimension 88 understands all employers and employees want to work in harmony together to build strong working relationships for the future of a business. However over time employers or employees may need procedures and a framework in place to deal with difficulties which may arise as part of the working relationship from either the employers or employees perspective.

Why do I need Disciplinary procedures?

Disciplinary procedures are needed for a number of reasons to ensure employees understand what is expected of  them in terms of:

  • Standards of performance and conduct ( and failure to meet these standards)
  • Identify any obstacles to individuals achieving the required standards, (training, lack of job clarity, and to enable employers to take action)
  • Enable employers and employees to agree suitable goals and time scales for improvement in an individuals performance or conduct.
  • Try to resolve matters without recourse to an employment tribunal
  • Act as a point of reference for an employment tribunal should someone make a complaint about the way they have been dismissed.

Why do I need Grievance procedures?

Grievance procedures are needed to:

  • Provide individuals with a course of action if they have a complaint.( Not able to be solved through a line manager)
  • Provide points of contact and time scales to resolve issues of concern.
  • Try to resolve matters without recourse to an employment tribunal

As a Small Medium Enterprise Dimension 88 understands handling disciplinary and grievances can be complex and difficult for all parties involved. It is essential as an employer to understand the stages of a disciplinary or grievance process so as not to breach employment laws.

How can Dimension 88 help?

Dimension 88 can help you as an employer to guide you through the process and hold independent investigations on your behalf to ensure legal compliance.

If you need advice about Disciplinary or Grievance issues then contact us – do not go it alone.