Dimension 88 is passionate about the retail trade and according to the UK’s leading trade association The British Retail Consortium, retail in Britain is worth £265 billion. It is estimated that the UK retail market will increase in size by 15% over the next five years, taking that value to over £312 billion. The retail industry also employs over 3 million people who work in different sectors such as electrical products, sports wear, toys and games, music, books, and in supermarkets.

In today’s economic climate, all retailers need to look at their under performing stores and teams and then convert them back into high performers. The retail arena has changed considerably over the past two years and never before has there been a need for Dimension 88′s Retail Trouble Shooter Service.

I want my retail stores to be profitable and I can see some retailers are being successful during this recession. Why is this?
Dimension 88 believes the retailers who are being successful during this recession have invested time and money into training their store teams to be highly skilled and pro-active.
Michael Coe at Dimension 88 knows from experience that well trained and informed employees can out-perform their potential by being taught specific retail strategies.

We have always done things this way. Can I change my retail strategy?
Yes. You can change your retail strategies but it will take time and your employees will have to get used to change. People do not like change and have comfort zones, the world is changing and so are the economies. To survive, your business and teams need to adapt to change fast. Staying as you are and doing the same things day in day out will not keep you in business for the long term.

Retail, however, is not limited just to the High Street, with the revolution in online shopping over the internet, retailers have been able to increase sales in a cost effective way. As an independent retailer with limited trading space this may be a way forward to increasing your turnover.

There are always new and inventive ways of using strategies in retail to make an over-all profit without having to break the bank. Dimension 88 works along side all retail businesses and understands the need to increase profitability.

Take your under-performing stores back into the black instead of constantly being in the red. Contact us here at Dimension 88 and make the first move to success.


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