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Started in 2011 Dimension Eighty Eight has now served a range of UK businesses offering outsourced HR and Training services. The brand has been built around 8 Core Values and I would now like to share these with you.

You may be a new client looking for HR or Learning and Development services; or a current client wanting to find out more about what “drives” Dimension Eighty Eight.

The 8 Core Values:


People are at the very heart of Dimension Eighty Eight HR and Training Limited. As a “People to People” business working with clients and individuals, it is essential to have dignity and respect for one another.


Growth and development is an essential element to Dimension Eighty Eight everyday. Each new day brings opportunities and new ways of working with clients. Dimension Eighty Eight “Grows” businesses and people.


The word Can’t or Cannot is not a part of the core values. Being an Entrepreneur is! Anything is possible to drive the business forward with a clear direction and positive thinking. ┬áDimension Eighty Eight adds this new Dimension for you, your people and your business.


Creative juices and lightbulb moments set us a part from the Competition. All ideas are embraced with passion and turned into Commercial viable products and services.


Yes – Dimension Eighty Eight is a registered brand name. As a core value this “lights the way” into coming into contact with you. Our HR and L&D Consultants are great individuals who work with you and do not hide behind the brand.


Community enables everyone to come together to share skills and services. The importance of community is key to working relationships with individuals and clients. Dimension Eighty Eight has signed up to “Trading for Good” at the Trading for good website.


Wellbeing and Spirituality go hand in hand. You have to understand yourself and project positivity to work towards your goals,dreams and ambitions. Mindfulness is built into the Core Values of Dimension Eighty Eight.


Dimension Eighty Eight is kind to the Environment. Where possible suppliers of Dimension Eighty Eight have reduced their carbon foot print. In daily operations Dimension Eighty Eight looks at ways of reducing the Company’s Carbon footprint by looking at suitable modes of transport and not using supplies and power unnecessarily.

Yes – walking to meetings is good for you and the environment!


Like our Core values?

If so why not drop me an email through the Contact Box at dimension88.co.uk – we can have an informal chat about how Dimension Eighty Eight can help you and your business. Make 2015 the year for Growth!

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