Dimension88 – Veterinary Clients

Mayfield Vets

At Mayfield Vets we have been extremely pleased with the progress our team has made with the help of Dimension88 over the past few months.

We have made full use of the varied services on offer and have found it helpful to be able to obtain the resources and help we require, as and when we need it,

Dimension88 has helped us with various personnel issues which have arisen due to our rapid period of expansion. It has been useful to be able to utilise the Emergency HR service quickly and to know that problems can be swiftly resolved. Staff morale is much higher since employing Dimension88′s HR services and best practice policies.

Training sessions with Dimension88′s Michael Coe have been fun packed and interesting. Techniques taught are immediately utilised by the staff and highly relevant to the veterinary sector. Gaining an insight into retailing is important as pressure grows from competing businesses all the time. Since using Dimension88 our retail area has become much more organised and profitable.

Overall our performance has improved greatly with the help of Dimension88 and we have been impressed with the variety of services which are offered and delivered in such a professional manner.

Samantha – Director

Mayfield Vets

My name is Judy Hanney, I have worked at Mayfield Vet for a while now and would like to say how Dimension 88 helped myself and all the staff with valued services that needed to be implemented within the practice.

Michael covered many HR and Training areas relating to Risk assessments,COSHH,Retail display,buying,selling,Health and Safety,Practice standards,Hazzardous waste and many more all of which I enjoyed and learnt alot from.

Dimension 88 has helped our practice immensley and the training sessions were fun and very interesting. I learnt alot from Michael and have put my expereince to work here at Mayfield Vet.

We have all benefited greatly from Michael’s advice and will carry on with the many lessons we have been taught.

Thank you again Michael

Judy - Practice Manager

All Pets Vet Care

We had Michael in our Practice for two day training sessions. Once on retailing and once for help with appraisals and general staff training. Not only was Michael’s training enjoyed by all members of staff (even those who were anxious about “selling”) but it had a long lasting positive effect on our turn-over and we will get him back again, soon!

Billa - MRCVS – Director

My Pets Vets

Michael Coe has inspired and motivated all staff members with his hands on,entertaining and pertinent training sessions. He has provided exceptional support and advice during a turbulent period of expansion in our newly developed Veterinary business.

The HR support has been a god send and knowing he is avaliable in an Emergency HR situation has taken a weight off our minds.

Michael has also offered advice on how to Market our new business and is always coming up with suggestions for how we can better the service we offer,in a practicle and achievable way.

We wish we had met Michael earlier!

Caroline – BvetMed MRCVS- Director

18 – 24 yrs  Employment Mentoring

Steps  A Head

Michael was a great help to me as a mentor, both in helping me find work and above all helping me gain confidence. Without Michael’s help I don’t think I would have been able to get where I am today and can only thank him for the understanding and commitment he took in helping me.

Mark C