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Dimension88 is a pro-active HR and Training Company offering “Outsourced” services to Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s), who want to grow and develop their people. People are the most important asset in any business or organisation. Good HR and Training is a must have, should you want to grow your business and individual employees talent to stay ahead of the competition.

To ensure Good HR and Training Practice, Michael Coe from dimension88.co.uk is an Associate Member of the CIPD,( Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). The CIPD have approximately 135,000 members who work in all sectors of industry and commerce to ensure Good HR and training practices are followed, including knowledge of Employment Law.

In today’s ever changing business environment it is essential to have people who can deliver in all areas of your chosen field of expertise. Changing Management and working environments will be a challenge for most Small Businesses; who will require more knowledge of Organisational Development as workers work remotely on a local, National or Global Scale.

The CIPD and its members work alongside industry and government to encourage growth of business and commerce. One of the projects the CIPD and its members are working on is “Youth unemployment”.  This is a concern for everyone. To help assist young people into the workplace and to find employment, the CIPD have asked it’s members to volunteer as “Steps A Head” Mentors.

Young People who have been unemployed for 6 months or more can have up to 6 meetings of 1 hour with a qualified HR professional who can help them with CV’s, interview techniques and finding the right employment for them.

Michael Coe from Dimension88 has been a “Steps A Head” mentor for over 1 year and joined at the start of the Project. Michael told us:

“Its important to get young people into work to help rebuild our economy. Many young people who volunteer for the scheme through Job centre Plus (DWP) really want to find work and secure employment.

Mentors such as myself spend a lot of time assisting the young person by helping them to write CV”s and prepare them for interview. I have had a number of mentees, all of whom have found work in their ideal profession.

By spending this time voluntarily, we both learn from each other as Mentor and Mentee. I have gained a good insight into the Media and graphic design industry’s. I do feel that this is a worth while project and I can see that I am changing the lives of others”.

New to HR?

If you are new to HR and Training (L&D) then why not visit the CIPD website and take a look at some of the resources available to you. Just click on the picture link above and it will take you to the CIPD main webpage.

Dimension88 are always here to help you as an employer of an SME or new start up business. Please feel free to contact us by phone or use the drop down contact box.

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