IOEE Mentoring – New Start Up

Are you a new start up business?

As a new start up business you may be looking for an experienced business person to mentor you and to help grow your business. Mentors can help you and your business to grow by supporting you through the early days of start up and beyond. The IOEE (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs) is the UK’s first institute dedicated to learning by doing for anyone thinking about starting or running their own business and those who support them.

Michael Coe from Dimension 88 is pleased to announce that he is a full member of the IOEE and an IOEE mentor. To find out more or  to join as a mentee /mentor please visit the IOEE website and register. Members can search for a mentor online and join the different discussion groups in their area. Some areas have get togethers by means of meetings and networking groups.

If you are a new start up looking for Enterprise mentoring then visit:

Dimension 88 always looks to support new business start ups and Entrepreneurs. If you would like Michael Coe to mentor your business please register through and select Mentors.

Michael Coe MIoEE




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